Thursday, April 28, 2011

She's a Quilter

For those of you who know Michelle, she has always proclaimed to be a 'Non-Quilter'  according to her- " Mom is the quilter, I just do make the cruise arrangements"... Well, she can no longer make that statement.  Last Christmas she was at the shop where I work- Hearts and Hands Quilts in Green Valley, AZ.  She spent the day with me as we were getting ready for a Chamber of Commerce meeting, well anyway.... so she found fabric she wanted and then she wanted me to make her the quilt.  I told her I would buy the fabric for her as her christmas present and teach her to make the quilt.  Voila.... here is the result...
Pattern from "City Lights" made by Michelle Jackson, on Bernina 150 sewing machine. Quilt will be longarm quilted by Nina Keck of Hearts and Hands Quilts

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