Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing Alaska


4th of July we show our American Spirit

As I cruise to Alaska every year, one might think- enough is enough.  Not so in Alaska, the scenery is so amazingly beautiful, and the ports we go to never get boring.  I seem to always learn or see something I missed in earlier visits.

This year we had a bit of a rough start to our cruise, with the sea being a bit rough, it certainly didn't dampen the spirits of our quilters though.  Everyone got up, dressed and out to exercise in the nice cool air before class started.

Quilt artist J. Michelle Watts started our trip off with her wonderful new design.  She wanted the quilters to learn to stitch applique designs that had points and curves. Her method gives the appearance that the edges are turned and not left raw. Each student was busily engaged and most of them completed the block before the cruise ended.

Also joining us was David Taylor who taught his method of hand applique.  I was thrilled to learn that with his method I don't have to struggle or stitch the inside curves and how to avoid points as well. 

Post Card Exchange

These wonderful artists shared several of their award winning quilts with us during the trunk show. It was amazing to see the beautiful work and the intricate stitching. We had many folks who are curious about us when we are onboard and we love to invite them to join us for the trunk show.  

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  1. Nice experience!

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